Month: May 2017

Shandong Zichuan introduced 4 zero policy support entrepreneurship

We all know that

entrepreneurs when entrepreneurial activities often will encounter many problems, the risk of one of the biggest problems should be entrepreneurial, but now entrepreneurs don’t worry about this problem, because the emergence of zero cost venture projects.

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Qingdao issued opinions to attract young people to Taiwan green entrepreneurial innovation

youth entrepreneurship focus on communication, young entrepreneurs should also go out at least once to see how other entrepreneurs struggle. In the topic of youth entrepreneurship has detonated a number of entrepreneurial forums, Qingdao said it would encourage young people to support entrepreneurship in Taiwan entrepreneurship innovation.

Taiwan Affairs Office of Qingdao Municipal People’s government read more

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How to successfully open the fruit shop Xiaobian tell you

both in the living area or in the vicinity of the school and other places, fruit shops are very common, people’s daily necessities of life, so that the industry has attracted much attention. How to open a fruit shop? Operating profit and how much? These problems are worth thinking about.

choose to shop location for a fruit shop, is essential. In the vicinity of the hospital has a lot of fruit stores, but also a large scale, mainly engaged in imported fruit; and in the vicinity of residential areas, but also the concentration of fruit stores. read more

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What are the problems existing in the operation of community commerce

now many companies are aware of the broad nature of community business development, but also to invest. However, there are many difficulties in the operation of the enterprise itself, not to mention the difficulties existing in the commercial operation of the community. After all, if there are a lot of problems can be overcome outside, we say the biggest problem in community business, there may still be many business community business logic is not ready!

1, cognitive not deep

whether it is science, art, or Kung Fu, retail business to further "know", three years of apprenticeship. The business community business, want to know, know, know customer goods operation also store more concentrated than simple, non simple modular. Fresh Music City Legend "success", study, research, testing and preparation have a lot of hard work, easy and EXPRESS there is a Carrefour Tesco European format operating precedent, and many of our enterprises, is dependent on the first 20 preparatory concentrated + select the existing management system of the structural concept, put it in, but hasty after the opening of a horse, and I do not know how to adjust! read more

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What are some of the skills that make casual menswear business better

in the men’s clothing market, men’s casual wear is occupy a significant market share, with China men pay more and more attention to their clothing collocation, China leisure menswear franchise market is also in constant progress, many entrepreneurs see this as a business opportunity, choose leisure men’s clothing stores, for entrepreneurs, investment or to master management skills.

to learn to grasp the customer’s psychology, grasp the trend of the market, a very professional shopping guide can win the trust of customers and establish a loyal consumer relations. On the one hand to improve the skills of shopping on the one hand to rely on the usual practice of accumulation, on the other hand to take advantage of all opportunities to communicate and learn. read more

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Suitable for boys to do the project

boys have the characteristics of boys, boys have the advantage of boys, so boys start, with a lot of specific desserts and advantages! If you are a boy, then if you follow the men’s psychology, then you must know where they generally spend money, the level of consumption. So, for boys to do the project? May wish to take a look at!

limit Sporting Club Hotel

for each adventurous man to conquer fear is one of the greatest harvest. Rock climbing, bungee jumping, mountain climbing…… One after another extreme sports is that they express themselves, to show their own another stage. Every time you reach the top, the thrill of self transcendence is an unforgettable pleasure, and the brave man’s certificate after the game is a kind of man’s proof. read more

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Rural cigarette retail customers want to profit still need to do a good job ahead of time

Although the

season is a hot time for the sale of major stores, but also the time of strict control of cigarettes, which led to a lot of retail customers do not know how to deal with. Seeing the December coming, the tobacco companies began to put the cigarette products into a serious quantity control period, at the end of the year is the peak of cigarette demand while the rural market, the deficit will undoubtedly give rural cigarette retail customer brought a lot of trouble, worry about falling profits. In such a period of contradiction, how should we deal with the cigarette retail customers in rural areas? Recommended to do the following three points. read more

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Open wedding photography shop to see the size of the budget

eleven golden week is approaching, this is not only the tourist season, but also the marriage season". Marriage is sure to go to the wedding photography shop shooting a memorable wedding photo to commemorate the important moment of life, start a wedding photography shop?

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How to open a larger market ceiling home stores

home decoration, ceiling is an essential necessity, has a huge market demand. Many investors are also very optimistic about the prospects for the development of this field, one after another to join them, for the opening of the ceiling home stores businesses, want to better operate, but also need to pay attention to specific aspects of marketing. How to open a larger home market?

In addition to the deep and rich connotation of the

ceiling home stores, the brand should also take the enterprise values to form the external value system with the appropriate extension. The ceiling brand culture is the cultural accumulation of the brand gradually formed in the operation of the brand, is the sum of the brand and the traditional culture and corporate image, representing the value of the brand and the world outlook. Therefore, the ceiling enterprises should also establish the value orientation of various internal and external communication interfaces, including products, services, employees, procurement, advertising, etc.. read more

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How to do a good job in promoting sales of milk tea chain stores

is now doing tea business, choose the right brand chain. Many small entrepreneurs will choose to open a chain of tea shops, this kind of shop started relatively simple, business is also more peace of mind, so even novice, it does not matter. On the store promotions, many novice is not very understanding, and quickly come to see the small series.

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